Android agent for FusionInventory


This application is the Android inventory agent of the FusionInventory project.

It features a complete inventory of your Android devices: both hardware and software informations are collected. You get the data about processor, memory, drives, sensors, etc. and also the list and description of installed application (apk).

FusionInventory Agent for Android is running on Android 1.6 and higher.

FusionInventory Agent for Android can send inventory to:
- FusionInventory for GLPI 2.3.x and higher
- OCSInventory NG (ocsng) 1.3.x and 2.x
- Mandriva Pulse2

The FusionInventory project is an open source project providing :
- hardware and software inventory (multiplatform)
- network discovery
- network inventory for printers and switchs
- Wake On Lan (WOL)
- Software deployment
- total integration with the GLPI project (open source asset management software and helpdesk)

FusionInventory agents can also be used with other open sources projects like Uranos or Rudder.

The agent is a FreeSoftware under GPLv2+ license.