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Fusion Tables API demo using OAuth

This example demonstrates how to use the Fusion Tables API from a foreign web server with delegated authorization. It is a simple application demonstrating two possible access patterns: First, a user can see a listing of their own Fusion Tables on a third party site. Second, the web site can retain the access privilege and show the snippet of registered tables to anyone who receives the snippet URL.


This example uses Maven for ease of development and versatility. Obtain Maven from, or your package manager, say, on Debian based Linux distributions

apt-get install maven2

or on Mac OS with developer tools

port install maven2

IDEs like Eclipse, Intellij, and Netbeans support Maven natively or through extensions. Initially, Maven will download numerous dependencies to your local repository.

  • To create an Intellij project: "Open Project" and navigate to the pom.xml file.
  • To create an Eclipse project
    mvn eclipse:eclipse
    Eclipse requires an extra step. Configure a classpath variable M2_REPO to the folder .m2/repository under your home directory.
  • To run the example
    mvn jetty:run
    Then point your browser at http://localhost:8080/snippet.


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