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Everyone is welcome to contribute to this project. Just fork, clone, branch, edit, commit, push, request pull.

This repository uses the branching model developed by Vincent Driessen. Before creating a feature branch, you should read that article. You may also want to use the git-flow Git extension. The most important thing about the model is that you should branch off from the develop branch. That branch will, if accepted, be merged into its origin branch again.
If not developing a feature, but rather a hotfix (for example, as a reaction to a bug issue), you have to create a hotfix branch by branching off from the master branch. That branch will, if accepted, be merged back into master and develop.

Usually, each commit on the master branch marks a new release and is tagged with a version number. That version number follows the semantic versioning methodology. A hotfix will increase the patch number, while updates on the develop branch will (most often) increase the minor number. API-incompatible updates will increase the major number.

Please write descriptive commit messages and fetch regularly from this repository! Also, keep track of whitespace and lineending warnings - Gustav uses Unix LF newlines!
Moreover, please keep my coding style (variable naming etc.). I'm going to write a document describing it.

Contributing to the documentation

When developing a new feature you may very likely also want to extend the documentation to document your feature. The documentation pages are contained in the doc directory. When a pull requets is accepted, I will push the updated documentation to the GitHub wiki repository. Please note that a wiki page's title will become the corresponding file's filename, with -s replaced by spaces. Therefore -s in a wiki page's title aren't possible.