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Gustav is a powerful static-site gernerator written in PHP.

It provides everything you need to run a blog or any other website - From a static-site generator offering a robust templating system and a great customizability to a massive PHP API providing functions for searching the published articles and pages, getting available tags and categories, and more, as well as hooks that can be used to extend Gustav's functionality.

This documentation provides lots of information on getting started and getting better with Gustav.
For those that just want to set up Gustav quickly, click here. Others may want to read the full documentation to get more information.

A demo of Gustav running in a production environment is avaiable on The source code for that website is also available on GitHub. Feel free to fork the repository and play around with the example code.

##A selection of Gustav's features

##Further reading


This documentation is part of the Gustav project. See that project for license information.


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For information on contributing to this documentation, see the file in the Gustav repository.


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