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layout: "post"
title: "Image helpers"
date: 2015-01-21
description: "Helpers when working with images - automatically get image size or embed images in base64"
If/else conditions are incredibly useful when you want a part of your code to depend on something else. This gives maximum flexibility to write the type of logic that meets your needs.
## Image size
If you need the exact dimensions of an image all preprocessors have a way to do that instead of you.
<%- @code('Image Helpers', 'dimensions') %>
## Inline image
Encoding images to base64 and inlining them in your stylesheets reduces the number of request a user will make on your site, here's how to automate the conversion of images to base64.
Note that for Stylus you need to use [the url function](, the positive side is that you can use any name for the function - `inline-image` is just an example.
<%- @code('Image Helpers', 'inline') %>