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layout: "post"
title: "Rounding Numbers"
date: 2015-12-28
description: "How to <code>round</code> decimal numbers with custom precision, set decimal places, using <code>ceil</code> and <code>floor</code> functions"
Having precise numbers is crucial when working with percentage-based grid because [browsers round numbers differently]( If you encounter sizing issues in your grid that might be due to the low number of decimal places in the output CSS.
## Round, ceil, and floor functions
The round/ceil/floor functions round a number (with or without units) to the closest/upper/lower integer.
<%- @code('Rounding Numbers', 'round functions') %>
## Custom case by case precision
Some preprocessors accept a second argument to the round function family to specify precision, Sass however, requires a custom function to achieve the same functionality (Sass snippet adapted from [Hugo Giraugel's](
<%- @code('Rounding Numbers', 'custom precision') %>
## Global precision after math operations
For non-integer numbers the different preprocessors put different number of digits after the decimal point (e.g. `0.33333` for Sass vs `0.333333333333333` for Stylus).
Only Sass allows a custom global precision value to be set.
<table class="table-content">
<caption>Global Precision</caption>
<th>Rounding precision (decimal places)</th>
<td>`8` (1 / 3 = 0.33333333)</td>
<td>`5` (1 / 3 = 0.33333)</td>
<td>`15` (1 / 3 = 0.333333333333333)</td>
<th>Ability to set custom global precision</th>
<td>Yes, with the `precision` option</td>