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#!/usr/bin/env python
import sys
Extract PE file from a malware defender quarantine file.
Base on the RC4 script from
The output file need to be cleaned manually, there is still some headers bytes inside
"THE BEER-WARE LICENSE" (Revision 42):
@futex90 wrote this file. As long as you retain this notice you
can do whatever you want with this stuff. If we meet some day, and you think
this stuff is worth it, you can buy me a beer in return.
def KSA(key):
keylength = len(key)
S = range(256)
j = 0
for i in range(256):
j = (j + S[i] + key[i % keylength]) % 256
S[i], S[j] = S[j], S[i] # swap
return S
def PRGA(S):
i = 0
j = 0
while True:
i = (i + 1) % 256
j = (j + S[i]) % 256
S[i], S[j] = S[j], S[i] # swap
K = S[(S[i] + S[j]) % 256]
yield K
def RC4(key):
S = KSA(key)
return PRGA(S)
if __name__ == '__main__':
if len(sys.argv) != 3:
print "Usage: %s [malware defender file] [output file]" % __file__
key = "\x1E\x87\x78\x1B\x8D\xBA\xA8\x44\xCE\x69\x70\x2C\x0C\x78\xB7\x86\xA3\xF6\x23\xB7\x38\xF5\xED\xF9\xAF\x83\x53\x0F\xB3\xFC\x54\xFA\xA2\x1E\xB9\xCF\x13\x31\xFD\x0F\x0D\xA9\x54\xF6\x87\xCB\x9E\x18\x27\x96\x97\x90\x0E\x53\xFB\x31\x7C\x9C\xBC\xE4\x8E\x23\xD0\x53\x71\xEC\xC1\x59\x51\xB8\xF3\x64\x9D\x7C\xA3\x3E\xD6\x8D\xC9\x04\x7E\x82\xC9\xBA\xAD\x97\x99\xD0\xD4\x58\xCB\x84\x7C\xA9\xFF\xBE\x3C\x8A\x77\x52\x33\x55\x7D\xDE\x13\xA8\xB1\x40\x87\xCC\x1B\xC8\xF1\x0F\x6E\xCD\xD0\x83\xA9\x59\xCF\xF8\x4A\x9D\x1D\x50\x75\x5E\x3E\x19\x18\x18\xAF\x23\xE2\x29\x35\x58\x76\x6D\x2C\x07\xE2\x57\x12\xB2\xCA\x0B\x53\x5E\xD8\xF6\xC5\x6C\xE7\x3D\x24\xBD\xD0\x29\x17\x71\x86\x1A\x54\xB4\xC2\x85\xA9\xA3\xDB\x7A\xCA\x6D\x22\x4A\xEA\xCD\x62\x1D\xB9\xF2\xA2\x2E\xD1\xE9\xE1\x1D\x75\xBE\xD7\xDC\x0E\xCB\x0A\x8E\x68\xA2\xFF\x12\x63\x40\x8D\xC8\x08\xDF\xFD\x16\x4B\x11\x67\x74\xCD\x0B\x9B\x8D\x05\x41\x1E\xD6\x26\x2E\x42\x9B\xA4\x95\x67\x6B\x83\x98\xDB\x2F\x35\xD3\xC1\xB9\xCE\xD5\x26\x36\xF2\x76\x5E\x1A\x95\xCB\x7C\xA4\xC3\xDD\xAB\xDD\xBF\xF3\x82\x53"
file = open(sys.argv[1], "r")
plaintext =
def convert_key(s):
return [ord(c) for c in s]
key = convert_key(key)
keystream = RC4(key)
result =""
for c in plaintext:
result += chr(ord(c) ^
foutput = open(sys.argv[2], "w")