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WatchmanFW 0.2x

Simple scripts for security in computer networks


  • Linux machine
  • Rsyslog
  • Mailserver (if You want recieved messages on email)
  • Python3

Quick install:

git clone
cd WatchmanFW
chmod u+x watchmanfw
mv watchmanfw-sample.ini watchmanfw.ini
(edit watchmanfw.ini)
./watchmanfw &

How its works ?

Rsyslog on linux machine recieved information (in UDP datagrams) about operations on local machine and on remote machines and writing in one or many files (look at /etc/rsyslog.conf).

Apr  2 09:25:42 menel sshd[31688]: pam_unix(sshd:auth): check pass; user unknown
Apr  2 09:25:42 menel sshd[31688]: pam_unix(sshd:auth): authentication failure; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty=ssh ruser= rhost=
Apr  2 09:25:44 menel sshd[31688]: Failed password for invalid user vf from port 34030 ssh2
Apr  2 09:25:44 menel sshd[31688]: Received disconnect from port 34030:11: Bye Bye [preauth]
Apr  2 09:25:44 menel sshd[31688]: Disconnected from port 34030 [preauth]
Apr  2 09:25:49 menel sshd[31690]: Accepted password for trainee from port 57860 ssh2

In logs is many information about failed login attempts, this is information noiss. If i have small server (example VPS on qnap disk storage), important information (in real time) for me is about successful login attempt.

Warchmanfw reading in real time there information and checks compliance with standard strings.

Example 1:

menel,Accepted password for trainee

If on machine menel ustr trainee was logged (strings "menel" and "Accepted password for trainee") watchmanfw sending email to user witch information about this.

Example 2:

menel,Accepted password for

If on machine menel any user (also trainee) was logged (strings "menel" and "Accepted password for") watchmanfw sending email to user witch information about this.

Second functionality (for Mikrotik)

This functionality is as port knocking, but this is "correct login knocking".

address = address of Your Mikrotik
username = username
password = password
whitelist = whitelist
timeout = 1d
name = machine_name
user = username
lstring = Accepted password for

Section [mikrotik] this is credential for API in main router Mikrotik. Section [machine] has correct login strings. If there are in logs, api added source address to the whitelist (whitelist name in [mikrotik] section) on specified in timeout (section [mikrotik]) time.

Next you should add sections on your mikrotik:

/ip firewall address-list
add address=external_address list=my
add address=watchmanfw_address list=whitelist
/ip firewall filter
add action=accept chain=input comment="pass syn packets for whitelist" dst-address-list=my protocol=tcp src-address-list=whitelist
add action=drop chain=input comment="drop all if no whitelist" dst-address-list=my protocol=tcp

Files - function for reading rsyslog files - function for sending mails
watchmanfw - main script
watchmanfw.ini - config for main script
watchmanFW.png - functionality on graphic
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