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Autoptimize CriticalCSS Power-Up

Let Autoptimize and CriticalCSS unleash your site performance and make it appear better than anyone else in search results.



ngrok and Playing Together

Local development of this plugin is possible with the help of ngrok. This is required because <> needs to reach the environment to extract HTML and CSS content to make its thing happen. ngrok exposes your localhost in a safe manner using a tunnel.

The steps to configure ngrok and to play together are bellow.

  1. Subscribe to a paid ngrok plan. Basic (US$ 5/mo billed annually) is enough. If you want to get billed monthly, then Pro (US$ 10/mo billed monthly) is what you looking for.

  2. Login to your ngrok account and setup a Reserved domain. This will ensure that you local development environment won't change it's URL between sessions, something that's not supported by

  3. Once your reserved ngrok tunnel is ready to use, go to *Auth section and copy your Your Tunnel Authtoken.

  4. Create the file ~/.ngrok2/ngrok.yml with the following content (see ngrok's configuration file document for more specific setup):

    authtoken: <your_tunnel_authtoken>
        proto: http
        addr: 8000
        subdomain: <reserved_domain_without_.ngrok.io_part>
  5. Go to the plugin development base path and run:

  1. Subscribe to the paid plan. There is only one for £2/mo, but keep in mind that API usage required by this plugin costs another £5/mo. IMPORTANT: DO NOT mark any of the WordPress options in the signup form. None of them are required.

  2. Login to your account and request to Generate Critical CSS using your ngrok's reserved domain in FQDN form (e.g.

If everything went fine, you'll see requesting your WordPress's home page in the webserver logs. At this point you're ready to code. If there was any problems, please check ngrok and documentation for troubleshooting.

Project Stats

Stats updated at: 2018/05/28

Project size: 308 KB

Lines of Code

Language Files Blank Lines Comments Functional Code
PHP 15 489 496 2286
CSS 2 1 3 289
Bourne Shell 2 17 0 56
JavaScript 3 2 3 12
-------- -------- -------- -------- --------
SUM: 22 509 502 2643

Media and Other

Type Files Size (B)
GIF 3 172
I18 2 60250
-------- -------- --------
SUM: 5 60422

Spec Items

inc/admin_settings_key.php:3:// NOTE: implements section 4, id 4.1 of the specs
inc/admin_settings.php:3:// NOTE: implements section 4, id 4 of the specs
inc/admin_settings_queue.php:4:// NOTE: implements section 4, id 4.2 and 4.3 of the specs
inc/admin_settings_rules.php:4:// NOTE: implements section 4, id 4.2 and 4.3 of the specs
inc/core_enqueue.php:4:// NOTE: implements section 4, id 2 of the specs
inc/core.php:41:// NOTE: implements section 4, id 1 of the specs
inc/core.php:50:  // NOTE: implements section 4, id 1.1 of the specs (for paths)
inc/core.php:62:  // NOTE: implements section 4, id 1.1 of the specs (for types)
inc/core.php:86:  // NOTE: implements section 4, id 1.2 of the specs
inc/cron.php:3:// NOTE: implements section 4 of the specs
inc/cron.php:111:      // NOTE: implements section 4, id 3.1 of the specs
inc/cron.php:201:      // NOTE: implements section 4, id 3.2 of the specs
inc/cron.php:345:      // NOTE: implements section 4, id 3.2.1 of the specs
inc/cron.php:697:// NOTE: implements section 4, id 3.2.1 of the specs

Out of Scope Items

inc/admin_settings_adv.php:3:// NOTE: out of scope advanced panel
inc/admin_settings_debug.php:3:// NOTE: out of scope debug panel
inc/admin_settings_feeds.php:1:<?php // NOTE: out of scope feeds panel ?>
inc/core_ajax.php:147:// NOTE: out of scope export settings
inc/core_ajax.php:213:// NOTE: out of scope import settings
inc/core_enqueue.php:13:  // NOTE: out of scope check for allowed job enqueuing (inc. issue #2)
inc/core_enqueue.php:277:// NOTE: out of scope check for UA
inc/cron.php:52:  // NOTE: out of scope queue debug
inc/cron.php:338:      // NOTE: out of scope DONE job removal (issues #4 and #18)
inc/cron.php:674:  // NOTE: out of scope critical CSS file removal (issue #5)
inc/cron.php:803:// NOTE: out of scope plugin maintenance


  1. Run the command bellow to generate or update FILELIST.txt.

    find . -type f ! -path "./.git/*" ! -path "./*.txt" ! -path "./" \
      ! -path "./languages/*.po~" ! -path "./lib/*" -printf '%h\0%d\0%p\n' | \
      sort -t '\0' -n | awk -F'\0' '{print $3}' > FILELIST.txt
  2. To update the stats above, run the command bellow once you have FILELIST.txt in place. Then copy and paste its output overriding the content of the stats above.

  3. To quickly create a bunch of jobs in the development environment for testing purposes, run:

    curl -K testurls.txt
  4. If define('DISABLE_WP_CRON', true); is present in wp-config.php, WP-Cron should be called manually. In this case, run:

    curl -o /dev/null -s -S -w "%{http_code}\n"