Not sure if this is from AO- buttons from SiteOrigin--> broken links #92

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VWFeature commented May 4, 2017

Sorry, but I updated their theme, too, not 100% sure this is from AO.

This is only affecting the front static page.

Target URLs on the SiteOrigin buttons changed from
"", to
"http://person-centered-measurement/", which of course fails.

The dropdown for links in buttons previously was the entire link in text. Now it's like "post 55". (Which works.)

Some time in here the WP setting for "Static front page" changed itself from static (correct) to blog, and I changed it back to static.

Is this an AO thing, a theme thing, or ???

I changed back to the previous AO, but this didn't revert the links.
?? Thanks for a great plugin!
Which file holds the version number?


futtta commented May 4, 2017

well, there is a problem and i doubt it's due to AO (esp. changing "static" to "blog" is certainly not AO), but to be sure disable AO (or disable individual features; CSS, JS and HTML optimization) to see if that fixes the problem?

the version-number is in autoptimize.php

(just looked at your site, homepage seems OK now?)


futtta commented May 4, 2017

AO dropped the relevant load time by ~75%

Do you see a difference between AO 2.1 and 2.1.99 with regards to the performance of uncached pages?

Overall, w pingdom and gtmetrix, I think it's loading a bit faster. (The main delay is slow hosting.)

BTW, I found when I inlined the CSS, the content loaded first without its final formatting, so the page 'bounced' to the final formatting, tho quickly. Unchecking that means the page just pops into existence all at once (still quickly.)


futtta commented May 8, 2017

that would be the "inline & defer" option i guess @VWFeature (in which case you have to add the "critical css"), you should not see that with "inline all css".


futtta commented May 9, 2017

closing, thanks for your feedback! :-)

@futtta futtta closed this May 9, 2017

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