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A wallet application for the Stellar platform. Desktop and Mobile.

Main features:

  • Multiple accounts

  • Multiple account types

    • Personal accounts
    • Shared accounts
  • Multiple assets

    • Issue/Redeem
    • Send/Receive/Trade
  • Multiple networks

  • Send to

    • Stellar addresses
    • Federated addresses
    • Email addresses
  • Create/receive payment requests

  • Create/receive multi-sig/multi-party signing requests

  • Add contacts

    • using QR code
    • from a transaction
  • Add comments to transactions

  • Import/export accounts

    • QR code
    • Manual input


All private keys are stored in localStorage, encrypted or not. Within the app, key decryption and transaction signing all take place inside the Keychain service in app/core/services/keychain.js. The only time an unencrypted private key leaves that service is when an account is being exported and you're not using password protection.

All transactions go through the same steps of being displayed for review before being signed and submitted.


NB: Some of the phrases contains placeholders, e.g. {{key}}, where the placeholder key mustn't be translated. Some of the phrases, specifically the XX days/hours/minutes/seconds ago ones, have both a singular and a plurar form that should be translated.

Build instructions

Building the baseline app

npm install
npm run clean
npm run build, or npm run build-prod

Building for desktop

cd electron
npm install
npm run start

Building for mobile

cd ionic
npm install -g ionic
npm install -g cordova
npm install

ionic cordova resources android --icon
ionic cordova prepare
npm run start


Apart from the following files:

  • app/core/controllers/scanner.js
  • app/core/directives/qr-scanner.js
  • app/core/services/platform-info.js

which originate from Copay, and are made available under the terms of the MIT License, Stargazer is not open source.

Contact for inquiries about commercial licensing, white labeling, etc.

Copyright © 2016-2019 Future Tense, LLC

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