Widget for cinema-tape style animations.
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fc.tape widget

jQuery widget for sprite animations. Background image (sprite) consisting of picture frames like the movie tape is animated. Widget supports options to adjust smothness and speed of animations as well as methods to control animation behavior.


fc.tape has following dependencies:




smooth (boolean)

Switch frames with smooth transition (next frame overlays previous with a small transparent fade). Useful for animations with a small number of frames, slow speed animations and for several effects.

    smooth: false

Default: true.

image (string)

Background image path (sprite with frames to animate). Frames should be aligned vertially, top to bottom.

    image: '/img/tape.png'

Default: DOM element's backgound-image is used.

frameCount (integer)

Number of frames in animation. It can be less than real number of frames, if you don't want to use the whole tape, but it can't be greater than there actually is.

    frameCount: 12

Default: 0 (that is no animation by default).

frameSize (integer)

Frame size (height for vertical sprite and width for horizontal sprite) in pixels. In other words, background image offset for the second frame.

    frameSize: 250

Default: same as DOM element height.

frameChangeDuration (integer)

Duration of transition between frames in milliseconds for smooth mode, for normal mode - number of milliseconds each frame is visible during animation.

If smooth is set to true, you might experience slowdowns in animations when calling widget methods more frequently than frameChangeDuration as transitions will take the same amount of time.

    frameChangeDuration: 30

Default: 50.

spriteDirection (string)

This setting indicates the direction in which the sprite frames are glued: 'v' for vertical (default) and 'h' for horizontal.

    spriteDirection: 'h'

Default: 0.

backgroundX or backgroundY (integer)

Background horizontal offset (by x axis or y axis). Useful when you have several sprites joined together in one background image. In this case animations start from the top frame and continue to bottom (offset specifies correct sprite).

    backgroundX: -150

Default: 0.

preload (boolean)

Background image with a sprite is preloaded and animation starts only after it finished. After loading tape-loaded event is triggered on the element.

    preload: false

Default: true.

loop (boolean)

Loop animation, when sprite goes out of its borders.

    loop: false

Default: true.

Options via data-attributes

Options can be set up using corresponding data- attributes:

Option Data attribute
smooth data-smooth
image data-image
frameCount data-frame-count
frameSize data-frame-size
frameChangeDuration data-frame-change-duration
spriteDirection data-sprite-direction
backgroundX data-background-x
backgroundY data-background-y
preload data-preload
loop data-loop
<div id="b-tape" data-frame-count="20" data-frame-height="150"></div>



Wind sprite to the next frame. If current frame is the last one and loop option is true, the first fame is displayed.



Wind sprite to the previous frame. If current frame is the first one and loop option is true, the last fame is displayed.



Wind to specific frame, skipping intermediate frames. If smooth is set to true this transitions takes frameChangeDuration milliseconds.

$('#tape').tape('windTo', 4);
$('#tape').tape('windTo', '30%');


  • position — target frame index (to which tape is animated) or position as a percentage of the length of the tape (string).


Animate the tape from the current frame to the target one, not skipping frames, opposite to what WindTo does. Each transition between frames takes frameChangeDuration milliseconds.

$('#tape').tape('stepInTo', 36, function(){
    console.log('Animation is finished');


  • position — target frame index (to which tape is animated) or position as a percentage of the length of the tape (string).
  • callback — callback, which is fired after reaching target frame. It's called after all animations within the bounds of this method are done.


Change current frame without any animation at all. Useful for widget initialization, when your animation shouldn't start from the very first frame.

$('#tape').tape('setPosition', 14);


  • position — target frame index (to which tape is animated) or position as a percentage of the length of the tape (string).


This method supports options change "on the fly".

$('#tape').tape('setOptions', {
    frameCount: 37
    frameChangeDuration: 70


  • options — settings object.


Get current settings value.

var height = $('#tape').tape('getOption', 'frameSize');


  • optionName — option name.



Animate the tape backwards and forwards with the left mouse button pressed and the mouse cursor is moving. It's used to emulate rotation.

$('#tape').tape('rotate', {
    element: $('#handler'),
    deltaX: 3
// ...
$('#tape').tape('rotate', {
    destroy: true


  • options — settings object:
    • element — jQuery-element, which will acquire rotation behavior. By default, it's the original tape element.
    • deltaX — minimal cursor movement, required for animation to start. Larger deltaX, slower the tape rotation.
    • destroy — set to true when you need to disable rotation behavior.
    • direction — the directon of tape movement when the mouse cursor moves right: 1 for down, -1 for up.


v 0.3

  • frameHeight option renamed to frameSize;
  • Added spriteDirection and backgroundY options for horizontal sprites support.

v 0.2

  • Added loop option for optional cyclic behavior;
  • For methods windTo, stepInTo and setPosition position is given in the formats 15 or '30%' (now there is no option isRelative);
  • gradually option renamed to smooth.