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Tinned Django v.0.3

Tinned Django is a custom project template used at Future Colors. Meant to be used with python 2.7.


This is NOT a general purpose template. It's focused on our workflow and shared for curious people out there.


Enforce best practices for new projects based on Django.

  • New style folder structure (1.4+)
  • Class-based settings for different environments with sane defaults
  • Separate LocalSettings for every developer
  • Useful batteries are included (see requirements.txt)
  • Comprehensive .gitignore


Install Django 1.4+ so that is available.

Open tinned can with Django:

$ startproject <yourprojectname> --template --extension py,gitignore
$ mv tinned_django/<yourprojectname> <yourprojectname>
$ rm -r tinned_django


These are defaults for all kinds of environments, specified by DJANGO_CONFIGURATION They're defined in {{ project_name}}.settings module.

BaseSettings:Defaults for all other environments, safe and sound
BaseLive:Local development
Live:Real-time updates, includes local settings per developer
Testing:Running tests in CI/locally
Dev:Nightly/daily/hourly builds for QA and other folks
Rc:Pre-production, for per-release deploys
Production:No comments

Local settings

Local settings, for each developer that are in effect in Live environment are defined in {{ project_name}}.live_settings module. Each mixin should be regular CBS mixin, named after developer USER env variable with first letter captialized. Example: USER=prophet -> class Prophet(object): pass These settings are checked into repository for easy developement.


$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ nosetests

See also

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