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The Funtasty Danger logo

Danger rules at Futured

Gem Version

Note: Our company name was The Funtasty before the rebranding, therefore the name thefuntasty_danger

These are the rules we use for checking our pull requests by Danger optimized for mobile app development:

  • Only release/ branches can point to master.
  • Branch name should have release/, hotfix/, fix/, housekeep/ or feature/ prefix.
  • Title should be JIRA-ID Some descriptive name for feature/ and fix/ branches.
  • Should not be work in progress [WIP].
  • Should not be over 500 lines.
  • Commit names should start with a large letter and should not be too long.
  • iOS specific:
    • Swiftlint should not produce any warnings.
    • Xcode build should not produce any warnings.

Examples of pretty branch names:

  • feature/JIRA-00-chat-screen
  • fix/JIRA-00-sending-messages
  • release/v0.0.0-0
  • housekeep/dependencies
  • hotfix/JIRA-00-crash-on-launch


We want to run Danger on CI, so the configuration here is focusing on it.

First, we need to get the GitHub API token for the bot account, which will be commeting our pull requests and set it as an environment variable.


Second, if we do not use other Ruby tools and gems, we need to create Gemfile for our dependencies:

bundle init

Then we add the Danger rules gem as a dependency:

bundle add thefuntasty_danger

And last if we need to install/update our rules, we only need to call:

bundle install

After the setup is finished we can simply create Dangerfile and import this configuration.

danger.import_dangerfile(gem: 'thefuntasty_danger')

For testing locally we can just call:

bundle exec danger local

If we need to automate this (for CI) and do not have other Ruby dependencies then this short script will install everything we need and run Danger (if of course Ruby and bundler are installed):

#!/usr/bin/env bash
bundle init
bundle add thefuntasty_danger
bundle install
echo "danger.import_dangerfile(gem: 'thefuntasty_danger')" > Dangerfile
bundle exec danger


For deploying to RubyGems run these commands:

gem build thefuntasty_danger
gem push thefuntasty_danger-X.X.X.gem


Current maintainer and main contributor is Matěj Jirásek,


Project is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more information.