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iOS Templates logo

iOS Templates

iOS templates commonly used in Futured apps.

MVVM-C templates

The main template generates a new scene using MVVM-C architecture used to used in Futured apps. For more specific navigation cases there are window, modal, show, push and tab bar scene templates.

CellKit templates

Basic templates that make working with the CellKit easier. A table view cell template with model and XIB is available.

FTAPIKit templates

Basic templates that make working with the FTAPIKit easier. An API endpoint template is available.

SwiftUI templates

The template generates a new scene in SwiftUI. A scene consists of a View and a ViewState.


The templates can be added to Xcode simply by cloning the repo and running make in it.

Also, they could be installed by running some template management tool like xcman:

xcman templates install --name Futured\ Templates futuredapp/iOS-templates


Current maintainer and main contributor is Patrik Potoček,

We want to thank other contributors, namely:


iOS Templates are available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE for more information.