Scan a set number of contacts each day and correct contact names capitalisation on first and last names.
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Scan a set number of contacts each day, correcting the capitalisation of individual contacts' first, middle and last names.

The rules for deciding whether a name needs to be corrected are based on Xavier's normalise extension. Any string that is all uppercase, all lowercase, or contains leading/trailing whitespace, will be trimmed and have the first letter in uppercase, and the rest of the string in lowercase.

Now compatible with 4.6, thanks to this PR.

Please note: As from some point in summer 2016, Future First is moving its technology platform away from CiviCRM. This means that our extensions will no longer be officially maintained on work time, and we will not be upgrading our installation beyond 4.4. However, I am happy to accept good/useful pull requests, and hope to maintain some involvement privately.
-- Dave (@davidknoll on GitHub)