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Python Package requirements

  • fabric
  • sh
  • multiprocessing
  • progress
  • webbrowser
  • docopt

Tools requirements

  • python-novaclient
  • euca2ools

Configuration requirements

  • novarc
  • nova keypair

Documentation will in future (but nt yet) be at

Screenshots can be found here:

A video about its use can be found at

A community blog about this project can be found at

In case you like to execute this on please, get an account and motivate a very good project. Once you have access you can do the following:

module load git
module load python

mkdir dev
cd dev
virtualenv TEST
source TEST/bin/activate
git clone
cd cm
source ~/.futuregrid/openstack/novarc 
cd src
cm r


This project is part of FutureGrid and can be used currently on the OpenStack cloud of FutureGrid. To apply for an account, please go to

However you also need to apply for a project in case you like to use FG resources. If you have your own OpenStack cloud you naturally do not need to apply for a FG account.