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A short MVP demo of drawlab:



Supports multiple corner chamfering. Individually stops champering when there is no more space. Champhers are stored as elliptical arcs so you can go back and edit the amount of chamfering.

Elliptical curves:

Supports single and dual arcs. Works with any 2 lines at any trajectory. Uses a special kind of curve fitting technology that always adheres to the most circular ellipse that can fit between 2 rays and still achieve smooth connections. There is an infinite amount of possible ellipses that can fit between two rays, but only 1 that is the absolute most circular. The final arc or arcs are created as real elliptical-arc-path-segments and can be further manipulated as such. img

Swan-like curves:

Interpolates 2 arcs between two end points. Works on any two lines with any two trajectories. Precise percentage sliders are available via DialogWindows. Can also be set through radius.   img

Download the press kit