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search notes! maybe do other things!
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  • integrate electron quickstart and neon
  • write some rust code
  • fix problem div classes being stripped off
  • make it look nice-ish
  • return file name also
  • modularise a bit
  • only return one line per file
  • sort by date modified or file name
  • chunk search results somehow?
  • search by file name first, then search inside
  • make the search path user configurable
  • create better instructions for installing dependencies
  • show a list of files, sorted by date, as default
  • do some stuff asynchronously
  • add a button / command to open a note in an external editor
  • error handling

how to install:

you're probably going to at least need to yarn install && yarn build && yarn start

how it was made:

Part one:

Part one

Part two:

Part two

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