Vertical tab bar controller for iOS mimicking UITabBarController look and behavior
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This project aims to replicate UITabBarController functionality and behavior, but with a vertical tab bar.

There's no controller for customizing the tab bar in runtime (aka "More" tab), instead the tab bar can accommodate an "infinite" number of tabs because it's a UITableView under the hood (but the scrolling is automatically turned off if it's not necessary).

While some may find it production ready there's still many things that can be added/improved/(fixed), thus all contributions are welcomed. Here's a sneak peek at how it looks like with 120px with tab bar and a textured image as background.

Currently includes a sample Universal project that will run on iPad and iPhone. Basic usage is as follows:

FSVerticalTabBarController * tc = [[FSVerticalTabBarController alloc] init];
//Create the first view controller
FSViewController * vc = [[FSViewController alloc] init];
//Create tabItem for the view controller
vc.tabBarItem = [[UITabBarItem alloc] initWithTitle:@"tab 1" image:[UIImage imageNamed:@"magnifying-glass.png"] tag:0];
//create another view controller
FSViewController * vc1 = [[FSViewController alloc] init];
//change background color of second view to differentiate
[vc1.view setBackgroundColor:[UIColor blueColor]];
vc1.tabBarItem = [[UITabBarItem alloc] initWithTitle:@"tab 2" image:[UIImage imageNamed:@"magnifying-glass.png"] tag:1];
//set the view controllers of the the tab bar controller
[tc setViewControllers:[NSArray arrayWithObjects:vc,vc1, nil]];
//set one view controller to be selected
[tc setSelectedViewController:vc];
//set the background color to a texture
[[tc tabBar] setBackgroundColor:[UIColor colorWithPatternImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@"ios-linen.png"]]];
//now add the TabBarController to the window as the root controller
[[self window] setRootViewController:tc];
[[self window] makeKeyAndVisible];


  • iOS5 or above
  • Automatic Reference Counting


  • add tab bar gradient drawing (currently one can only use images)
  • add more delegate methods
  • add (better) sample code
  • test it with Interface Builder (do we need it? :)
  • probably many other