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The really cool thing about APIs is that they allow you to stitch a solution together pretty quickly - at least the good ones do :)
As it turns out, this is a great idea for hackathons - when you only have a few hours to produce something that will be able to show to the world. Yesterday’s [Railsberry]( API Bakeoff was sponsored by [Tropo]( and [Future Simple]( Tropo adds Voice, SMS and IM support to your applications and [Base]( is a CRM system that allows you to track your sales and contacts with ease.
Everybody was free to work on whatever they wanted but it is these two APIs that attendees abused the most :)
And so [canimus]( created an app that could retrieve a contact from Base, call that person’s phone number and play her a pre-recorded message. Cano actually used it to call his friend in the US to say ‘Hi’ :)

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