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An XUnit formatter implementation #5

merged 2 commits into from Jun 23, 2011

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It is useful to have an XUnit reporter/formatter in order to integrate with most of the CI servers out there.
I've initially started with Vows because it has this sort of reporter, but I'm not a big fan of its syntax. Then I investigated jasmine-node and started implementing this formatter based on jasmine-reporters. So, given that I had this need and Jessie has a good modular architecture, here it is!

Because of the poor documentation on this XML format, I ended up following the same format Vows writes.



Impressive work! Especially that I have not documented the formatter API yet :) Thanks!


Awesome, thank you!

@marcinbunsch marcinbunsch merged commit 2f44153 into futuresimple:master Jun 23, 2011

If you are OK with this, I want to add a session to your README file about how to use this reporter.
Given that Jessie creates separate processes to run the tests, simply redirecting the output to a file ( '> filename' ) won't work most of the times.

I mean, if we do this: jessie -t xunit specs/ > testResults.xml most likely the testResults.xml file won't have anything in it.
The workaround is to actually pipe the output and do something with it. In this case, doing this: jessie -t xunit specs/ | cat > testResults.xml works.

Because this formatter is most useful when redirecting its output to an XML file, I think it's worth to have a note on this. :-)

BTW, when does this new formatter is going to be available via NPM?



Absolutely, that message may save somebody lots of time!

Also, I published jessie 0.3.7 to npm just now, so you should be able to install jessie with the xunit formatter :)

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