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XUnit formatter note on how to redirect its output to a file #8

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Sorry about the sequence of 'bad' commits. I'm not used to rdoc and didn't have how/where to try it.


Hey there. A gentle reminder about the pull request. :-) thanks

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:) Thanks for the poke! :D

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@@ -30,9 +30,15 @@ For details on how to use Jasmine, consult the Jasmine docs at
=== Formatters
-Currently Jessie ships with 2 formatters: progress and nested. By default it uses progress. If you want to use nested, you can do it by specifying the -f option:
+Currently Jessie ships with 3 formatters: progress, nested and xunit. By default it uses progress. If you want to use a different one, you can do it by specifying the -f option:
- jessie spec -f nested
+ jessie -f [formatter_name] spec
+* Special note on *xunit*:
+Since this formatter is more useful when in a Continuous Integration environment, sending its output to an XML file would be the most common thing to do.
+Given that Jessie creates separate processes to execute the tests, simply sending the output to a file like "jessie -f xunit spec > test_results.xml" wouldn't work most of the times. So the following does the trick:
+ jessie -f xunit spec | cat > test_results.xml
=== Pending specs
@@ -96,3 +102,4 @@ jessie is largely based on The goal of
=== Copyright
Copyright (c) 2011 Marcin Bunsch, Future Simple Inc. See LICENSE for details.
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