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hapi plugin adding the “request.user” shortcut for “request.auth.credentials”


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hapi plugin that shortcuts “request.auth.credentials” to “request.user”

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A hapi plugin that shortcuts access to the authenticated user from request.auth.credentials to request.user.

Access the authenticated user in request lifecycle methods, like this:

  method: 'GET',
  path: '/authenticated-user',
  handler: (request, h) => {
    return request.user  // instead of "request.auth.credentials"


hapi v17 and Node.js v8 (or newer)

This plugin requires hapi v17 (or later) and uses async/await which requires Node.js v8 or newer.


Add hapi-request-user as a dependency to your project:

npm i hapi-request-user


Register the hapi-request-user plugin and you’re done:

await server.register({
  plugin: require('hapi-request-user'),

Feature Requests

Do you miss a feature? Please don’t hesitate to create an issue with a short description of your desired addition to this plugin.

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