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This script scrapes the App Store and finds out whether an app is featured on either the App Store homepage or in a specific category.

See the blog post for a longer description.

Usage <numerical app ID> <category (Medical, Utilities etc.)> [iPhone | iPad]

If iPhone or iPad is not specified, it defaults to iPhone.

Example: 284940039 Navigation

The script's output is Tab delimited to make it easy to import it into other systems.


  • Date
  • Country Code (2 letter, uppercase)
  • Matches on the root level of the App Store
  • Matches on the category level of the App Store

If the app is not featured, nothing is printed out.

Note: The script is rather slow. It has to spider 9 web pages per country, so it takes a long time. To improve this, it uses a parallel queue of 10 downloaders. If you run into issues, reduce the $max_concurrent_requests value of 10 in the script to something smaller.

If you use this script, I'd be glad to know. Just shoot me a tweet @futuretap.

Have fun!

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Copyright 2010-2012 FutureTap. All rights reserved.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License