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Futurice Taxi Button


This bunch of files is licensed with BSD 3-clause license. See for details.

Some parts of it are not covered by the same license. Files and parts of files that have different license contain comment explaining that.


  • Software is mainly put together by Henri Holopainen.

  • Physical installation was done by Olli Jarva and Hanno Nevanlinna

  • Bus/taxi screen layout was done by Iiro Isotalo and Timo Sulanne


In Futurice Ltd Helsinki office lobby we have taxi post with large button for ordering taxi to front door. That system was built and programmed before our annual party, so it's a quick hack. It's not production ready software.


Read all the code. It won't run without modifications. At least API keys and serial ports must be changed.

For API keys,

Read our blog post (you probably came from there)

  1. Connect button to Arduino (remember to add pull-up resistor, see for example {this tutorial}( and upload button.pde from arduino subdirectory.

  2. Install kannel

  3. Install mobile broadband USB stick (or modify the code to use some commercial SMS gateway)

  4. Configure SIM card

    • disable PIN questioning from SIM card with mobile phone

    • add call forwarding to switchboard or similar

  5. Edit kannel.conf and

  6. Start

  7. (Re)start kannel

  8. Install apache2 and php5 module for apache2

  9. Edit var/www/bus_display/script.js and index.html. At least API keys for weatherbug and HSL are missing. Add your own logo.

  10. Start chrome with parameter –no-web-security and open var/www/bus_display/

  11. Debug. Don't send test messages to taxi ordering number, use your own mobile phone number for that.

Feel free to contact <> when you have any problems. I'll try to answer, but I can't make any promises.

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