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Written from scratch, the most advanced Get Paid To Click script on the market. Made by people familiar with many PTC scripts and sites. Now available on open-source AGPLv3 license.


FuturumClix is available under the terms of GNU Affero General Public License, version 3. To ensure script may be used for creating many awesome sites, the view files (the ones with extensions "ctp", "js" and "css") are excluded from AGPL and mostly made available under the terms of MIT license. If some module/file is an exception from this rule, the proper licensing information is included in that module/file itself. Thanks to that you can freely modify the look and feel of your site. Changes made in the core files (ones with "php" extension) must be made public available. Additional information about license is available at beginning of each file.


The following server parameters are required for proper functioning of the script:

  • PHP 5.6, with curl, gd, openssl, bcmath, gettext, mbstring extensions installed;
  • MySQL database;
  • E-mail server, e.g. postfix;
  • Nginx (or Apache, but Nginx is a recommended solution). Apache requires active mod_rewrite.


To install FututurmClix from this repository you need working CakePHP 2 installation. After installing CakePHP 2 just merge this repository with directory where you installed CakePHP 2 (so the lib directory will contain CakePHP 2, and app directory will contain FuturumClix). Release packages of FuturumClix comes with CakePHP 2 bundled. For additional information check the documentation included in release package.

If you want to install HighCharts all you need to do is copy highcharts.js file to app/webroot/js/charts/ directory.


In case of any problems with the script, we recommend to activate the debug mode, which provides a full reporting of errors. To activate the debug mode, find the line "level = 0" under the [debug] section in the app/Config/core.ini.php file and change the value 0 into 1 or 2. Remember that when the debug is active, the payment systems do not work “live” but in a sandbox mode, so no payments will be booked.

You can also disable our cache system by adding option enabled in [cache] section in the app/Config/core.ini.php file and set it’s value to false, like: "enabled = false".

If you found any bugs, have questions or would like to propose an enhancement please contact us by Issues Page or submit a Pull Request.


If you would like to support developing of FuturumClix by donation you can use following addresses:

  • BTC: 18gq7jCB57HL7mSpWc7VgJBhxNsdMeYrHN
  • ETH: 0x653b24C4058661bE4693c1689Ff0d940ed6f007B

Thank you! :-)