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#Fuwjax OSS

I use plenty of open source software. When I can, I try to give back to the excellent projects I use, but my contributions to those projects don't measure up to the benefit I derive from them.

My career is generally focused on products that I simply cannot share. However some tools I've written over the years are generic enough that I can share them without any impact to any core business.

These are all tools I use, but they may or may not fit your needs, even where they overlap with mine. I share these only as a way of giving back to the community that has given so much to me.


  • funco - Functions, Collections, Input/Output, and Assertions

  • gild - Gold Copy Test Harness

  • jerc - Java Runtime Compiler

  • metafactory - ServiceLoader META-INF code generator

  • wonton - Transport Object Notation


When possible, I recommend using the import scope in your maven project.


This will manage the dependencies for all Fuwjax OSS projects. Then to include a project in your build, you no longer need to specify versions. For example to have a test dependency on gild:


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