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Notice: this project is deprecated. Please try my new blog engine pugo.


A fast and simple blog engine with GoInk framework in Golang.

Build Status GoWalker

Current version is 0.2.5 on 2014.02.28

Development board is in Trello.


Fxh.Go is a dynamic blog engine written in Golang. It's fast and very simple configs. Fxh.Go persists data into pieces of json files and support compress them as backup zip for next upgrade or installation.

Fxh.Go supports markdown contents as articles or pages, ajax comments and dynamic administration.

Fxh.Go contains two kinds of content as article and page. They can be customized as you want.


Fxh.Go requires Go 1.2 or above. can build cross-platform executable file for pure go projects. You can download Fxh.Go binary from

Gobuild Download


Use go get command:

go get

Then you can find binary file GoBlog(.exe) in $GOPATH/bin.


Make a new dir to run Fxh.Go:

cd new_dir

Then it will unzip static files in new_dir , initialize raw data and start server at localhost:9001.


Visit localhost:9001/login/ to enter administrator with username admin and password admin. You'd better change them after installed successfully.


I prefer to use nginx as proxy. The server section in nginx.conf:

    server {
            listen       80;
            server_name  your_domain;
            charset utf-8;
            access_log  /var/log/nginx/your_domain.access.log;

            location / {

            location /static {
                root            /var/www/your_domain;  # binary file is in this directory
                expires         1d;
                add_header      Cache-Control public;
                access_log      off;


Create issues or pull requests here.




The MIT License