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example screenshot example screenshot
example screenshot example screenshot


Download a release, or download the zip of the latest version on GitHub.


Download an extension that lets you change the newtab page, then just add the path to index.html as the URL, e.g.: file:///home/yuki/startpage/index.html or file:///c:/startpage/index.html

If you're using an older version of Firefox you can simply change browser.newtab.url in about:config.


Download the .crx file from the latest release and open it with Chrome.
If a .crx file for a release isn't available or you want to use the latest version on GitHub you will have to download the manifest.json and save it in the same directory as the startpage. Go to Chrome's extension menu, enable developer mode, click on "load unpacked extension" and select the folder you saved the startage in.


The config menu can be opened any time by writing -config into the search square or by writing search("-config") into the browser console.

The arrow keys can be used to navigate the squares: left and right will move to a different square and up and down will move between links in a square. The selected link can then be visited by pressing enter.


The startpage can be configured by using a configuration file or by using the built-in menu.
If you're using some sort of private/incognito mode in your browser the configuration will not be saved and has to be loaded from config.json every time the page is reloaded. To prevent the configuration menu from appearing every time you load the page you will have to set privateMode to true in config.json.

When first opening the startpage you can choose to load the configuration from the config.json file or configure the page by using the configuration menu. Choose whatever you like, you will be able to change this later.

Because of the way the configuration menu saves data, moving the startpage's directory to a different location will result in it not being able to load the config. Moving it back should fix it. You can export the configuration as a JSON file in the menu, then move the directory and import it again.


If you're having problems or have an improvement you can create an issue here.