Nagios plugin for puppetmaster to check puppet node sync status.
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Nagios checking script that generates a warning or error if one or more nodes
hasn't checked in with the master for a specified time.

This script is licensed under the terms of the GPL.
Please see for full details.

You can obtain the latest version of this script via the repository at


Plonk check_puppetmaster in /usr/lib/nagios/plugins or symlink it there
from your preferred installation location. I use /usr/local/bin.

Install default as /etc/default/check_puppetmaster.


Configuration is pretty straightforward. You need to add a command on your
nagios server that can run the check_puppetmaster plugin on your puppetmaster
host. You will want to (for nagios2 at least) specify a command, a service and
a hostgroup. Here are mine:

  define command {
    command_name check_puppetmaster
    command_line /usr/local/sbin/check_remote_plugin $HOSTADDRESS$ check_puppetmaster

  define service {
    hostgroup_name      puppetmasters
    service_description Puppet - Master Server
    check_command       check_puppetmaster
    use                 generic-service

  define hostgroup {
    hostgroup_name puppetmasters
    alias          Puppet Master Servers
    members        kanies, beaker, turnbull

Finally, you may want to override settings via /etc/default/check_puppetmaster
as your configuration may not match mine, which is what the defaults work with.

Importantly, add any FQDNs to the IGNORE_HOSTS variable for systems that are
managed via puppet but that may not be online 24/7, such as laptops. This will
avoid warnings or critical notifications if these systems haven't checked in
for a while.