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Coppermind is intended to be a really simple wiki for personal use.


  • Saves pages (written in markdown syntax) in a local git repository
  • Displays those pages (rendered to HTML) back to the user when accessed
  • Supports creating, editing, moving, and deleting pages
  • Support for hierarchical categories (implemented as folders within the repository)
  • Support for showing the changelog of the repository


Coppermind's only dependencies are git, a version of ruby >= 2.0, and the gems listed in the Gemfile. Coppermind has been tested on Ubuntu 14.04 and OS X 10.10. Other platforms may work, but are unsupported at this time.

To install and use, simply clone this repository, install the gems, edit the settings file, and run the application:

git clone https://github.com/fuzyll/coppermind.git
cd wiki
bundle install --standalone
vim settings.json  # change the base_url and other options if necessary
bundle exec rackup config.ru

This will start Coppermind running on http://localhost:9292 on your local machine.

Coppermind may also be used with a traditional web server like Apache or Nginx through Passenger. Documentation for this is outside the scope of this document at this time.


The following are known issues:

  • The Git gem doesn't handle logging properly. As a result, per-file logs simply cannot work.
  • Redcarpet's auto-generated header IDs don't de-conflict matching IDs. If you have two sub-sections named "Tasks", both will have the ID "tasks". This causes the table of contents links on the left to not work as expected. Clicking either "Tasks" link will take you to the first "tasks" ID.
  • Clicking items in the table of contents causes its anchor to be moved to the top of the page, covered by the menu.
  • The title bar covers the menu bar and doesn't inherit its items as expected on lower resolutions.



  • Add a way to diff two revisions of a page from history
  • Add a way to revert a page to a previous revision
  • Add a few "special pages":
    • Comprehensive syntax guide with examples (since I turn on some non-standard markdown options)
    • Possibly a list of "orphaned pages" (pages that no other page links to)
  • Fix all remaining FIXMEs in the controller


  • JavaScript enhancements (markdown editor, status flashes, pre/post field validation, etc.)
  • Add a preview option when editing a page
  • Add code block functionality with automatic syntax highlighting
  • Add the ability to upload files (not sure if this should be outside of the repository or not)
  • Possibly support sub-section editing (like Wikipedia's little [Edit] links next to each heading)
  • Possibly support "tags" in addition to "categories" (many -> many relationship instead of one -> many)
  • Possibly implement users/authentication (it is conceivable that a small team may want to use Coppermind)
  • Possibly support HTTPS (not sure what would need to be changed for this, if anything)
  • Possibly support additional back-ends (Postgres, SQLite)
  • Possibly support migrating to (or from) other platforms (Wikipedia, DokuWiki, etc.)


Coppermind isn't for everyone. These other projects may be better suited for your needs:

  • Gollum - GitHub's solution. Supports alternate syntaxes and is more user-friendly.
  • Commonplace - Similar, but not backed by git (also supports Windows).
  • Git-Wiki - The absolute simplest alternative (implemented in a single file).