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A generator for the Mortar JS framework
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Yeoman Generator for Mortar.js Projects Slack Status

Mortar.js is an open source framework built with React that makes interacting and updating data quick, easy, and powerful. It can best be described as an Admin User Interface that allows developers to quickly and safely build sites to interface with an API without accessing the database directly.

This generator makes it extremely easy to begin a React & Mortar project by taking care of the directory structure, installing dependencies, and the build process. The end result will allow you to build using React, JSX, ES6, and — of course — Mortar.


  • Yeoman and Gulp through npm install -g yo gulp


  1. Run npm install -g generator-mortar to install the generator.
  2. Run yo mortar to start the generator.
  3. Follow the command line prompts. You will have the option to include authentication if your application & API requires it.
  4. Grab a cup of ☕️ and relax while the generators churns.
  5. Scaffolding is done! Start the development server with npm run open !


  1. Clone this repository.
  2. Run npm install to install generator dev dependencies.
  3. Use npm link to install the mortar yeoman generator locally for testing.
  4. Test suite is managed by gulp and executed with npm test.

Mortar Project Directory Structure

The end result of this yeoman generator will produce the following project structure:

  • node_modules Installed third party packages including Mortar.js.
  • src
    • components
      • app.js
    • config
      • config.js
    • styles
      • external
    • assets.js
    • main.js Required entry point for Webpack
    • index.html
    • routes.js
  • .gitignore Git ignore rules for Mortar.js projects.
  • .eslintrc Custom javascript hinting rules applied using ESLint.
  • package.json List of npm dependencies and commands to build / compile your application.
  • webpack.config.js Webpack bundler process to build and unify all javascript, css, sass, image, and font dependencies.
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