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Move Blocks and Eat Stuff is a puzzle/strategy game based on the ideas and
mechanics of Supaplex ( You could consider
Move Blocks and Eat Stuff to be a minimalist interpretation of Supaplex, but
really that would be giving me too much credit.

Your goal in each level is to collect a certain number of items (usually all of
them, but not always) and then go to the exit. There are lots of other objects
which could help you or hinder you on this mission - rocks, bombs, enemies,
triggers, and more.

You lose if something explodes next to you (an enemy or bomb) or something falls
on you. The enemies don't hurt you upon contact, but they do tend to get in the
way. Blow them up by dropping something on them - the blue dudes will turn into
items when you destroy them!

Press Shift+I after starting the game for more details. Or don't, and just play
without reading the instructions. You can figure it out as you go along.

When you run Move Blocks and Eat Stuff, it will start at the latest level you
haven't yet completed. You can go back and play levels you've already completed
to try to get a faster time or more extra items or more cleared space.

Some notable differences from Supaplex's rules (if you've played Supaplex):
- You can use bombs you don't have. However, if you're in debt (have used more
  bombs than you have collected), then you won't be able to finish the level.
- After dropping a bomb, you can pick it up again before it explodes. This
  technique is required in some levels.
- Gravity doesn't work. This makes some levels much easier. Enemy freezing,
  however, also doesn't work.
- Triggers disappear when used. (In Supaplex, the terminals remained solid.)
- Both types of enemies move at the same speed.

Building from source:
- Install Xcode (or some other variant of GCC).
- Install GLFW (
- Install phosg and phosg-audio (,
- Run `make`. This will create Move Blocks and Eat
- Run Move Blocks and Eat Play the game. Be impressed with the
  graphics and sound.

Some of the levels in the included level file are original creations for Move
Blocks and Eat Stuff, but many levels were part of the original Supaplex
distribution. Still, many of these levels have been modified significantly to
play well in Move Blocks and Eat Stuff, since the rules are fairly different.
See Elmer Productions' website (linked above) for more information on Supaplex.


Move Blocks and Eat Stuff, a Supaplex-inspired puzzle game







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