Example recommendation engine module for Drupal Commerce 2.x using the Fuzzy.ai API
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Drupal Commerce Fuzzy.ai Example

This Drupal module is an example integration to create Drupal Commerce product recommendations using an agent from https://fuzzy.ai/ .

Public Demo

You can see a demonstration of this module in action here: http://dev-drupal-commerce-fuzzy.pantheonsite.io/

Click on "Products" to browse available products. Clicking on any Product will show full product details and a "Recommended Products" block on the side. The recommendations are calculated using the included Fuzzy Agent.


These instructions assume that you have a working Drupal 8.2.x installation with Drupal Commerce enabled and configured.

  1. Register for an account at https://fuzzy.ai
  2. Install the fuzzy.ai command line tool: npm install -g fuzzy.ai-cmdln
  3. Add the "Product Affinity" agent using the included .cson file from this repository: fuzzy.ai -k YOUR_API_KEY create product-affinity.cson
  4. Copy this module to your modules folder (e.g. modules/custom/commerce_fuzzy)
  5. Add the Fuzzy.ai SDK via composer (composer install fuzzy-ai/sdk)
  6. Enable the "Commerce Fuzzy Example" module at admin/modules.
  7. Enable the "Recommended Products" block.
  • Enter your API Key from https://fuzzy.ai/
  • Enter the Agent ID (from the agent you created previously).

Optionally, the agent will use Categories if you have a Taxonomy Term reference on your products as "field_category".