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My homepage

My personal website. Used to be Wordpress. Now it isn't. :)

This is a work in progress. I'll finish theme, plugins and content in that order.

Tech stack


  • Responsive design
  • Opengraph tags
  • RSS-feed
  • Sitemap
  • Robots.txt
  • Search
  • OpenID2 provider link
  • Google Analytics
  • Favicons in way too many variants


I'm not licensing this out in any way. It's open source, but still mine. I really don't see any reason to change that for now.

Design considerations

I am not a designer, so I'm relying on Bootstrap and Bootswatch for typography, colors and components.


This site contains a static frontpage, serving as an "about me" page as well as two blog categories. The blog is divided into english and norwegian posts. The former will be mostly technical articles, whiles the latter will be mostly related to the discourse within Norway. There are also some hidden blog posts mostly because I didn't want to delete my ancient "dear diary" posts, but didn't see any reason to list them.

Unfortunately the index pages are not paginated because the builtin pagination support in Jekyll isn't able to paginate across categories (which I use to separate the blog sections). This can hopefully be fixed once is moved into Jekyll core and deployed on GitHub pages.

Configuration specifics

The excerpt separator is set to "<--more-->" for compatibility reasons.


Relies on the following Jekyll plugins:

Might be handy:

Validation concerns

Validated as of 08.04.2018.


I won't declare language, since this site mixes norwegian and english. This is allowed, just not recommended.


Bootstrap 4 creates a lot of errors warnings. Their priority is compatibility over standard compliance – fair enough.


Bootlint is not Bootstrap 4 compatible yet. As far as I could tell, everything it reported was because of that.


The Atom feed apparently reports wrong language code. Since my site is mixed language and the functionality is from a third party plugin, it's not a priority.


OpenGraph seems to validate.


Sitemap seems to validate.