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Netlify Status

This repository contains the source code for, the personal website of Laurence Hughes.

The current version of the site is statically generated using 11ty, uses my own front-end boilerplate Sofrito, and is hosted on Netlify.

Serve locally

cd into your project directory and from the command line run npm run serve

Netlify Serverless (Lambda) Functions

This is currently being used for a “Create Bookmark Post” function and for more functions in future.


  • install netlify-cli
  • install netlify-lambda

In package.json

  • add a script which compiles serverless functions from source directory to a dest. directory using netlify-lambda
  • Update script build so that Netlify CI/CD builds our serverless functions: "build": "gulp build & ELEVENTY_ENV=prod eleventy && npm run build:lambda"

Local Workflow

  • Run netlify-dev in your directory (which means we don’t need netlify-lambda serve). This will hot-reload changes to our source functions dir.
  • (in another terminal window): netlify functions:invoke nameoffunction --payload '{"foo": 1, "bar": "baz"}' --no-identity
  • can also run npm run build:lambda if need to.
  • can browse to http://localhost:8888/.netlify/functions/nameofscript (where appropriate)


Personal website of Laurence Hughes




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