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Use a "Group.Number" format. #2

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Had issues importing to itunes and creating a playlist where there would be a number of "1 - abc" lectures. These would be indistinguishable from each other unless you knew which week the lecture name belonged to.

Change the format to be 'Group.number' so for example

./1 - Introduction (week 1)/1.1 - Course Overview.mp4
./1 - Introduction (week 1)/1.2 - What is cryptography?.mp4
@fvieira fvieira merged commit 1a4070f into from

You are right that that's important but since it's not important for everyone (at least it isn't for me) and for those that already used the script it would make the script redownload all files again since it changes the name of the files, I added it as an option that defaults to False.
This way you can still use the script for importing to itunes and no one get's bothered with the change of the file names. =D

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Commits on Mar 19, 2012
  1. @dekz

    Use a week.lecture format

    dekz authored
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@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@ def main():
lecture_names = lecture_list_el.xpath('./li/a/text()')
clean_lecture_names = [clean_lecture_name(lecture_name) for lecture_name in lecture_names]
- final_lecture_names = [os.path.join(section_folder, '{} - {}'.format(j, vn)) for j, vn in enumerate(clean_lecture_names, 1)]
+ final_lecture_names = [os.path.join(section_folder, '{}.{} - {}'.format(i, j, vn)) for j, vn in enumerate(clean_lecture_names, 1)]
url_list = lecture_list_el.xpath('./li/div[@class="item_resource"]/a/@href')
for j, url in enumerate(url_list):
resource_dict = RESOURCE_DICTS[j%4]
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