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input_file, s, a, "",,,"Event data file"
evtable,s,h,"EVENTS",,,"Event data extension"
outfile,s,a,"out.fits",,,"Output file from astrimlreco. To be read from astrireco.cpp!!"
do_gh_sep, b, h, y,,, "Do gamma hadron separation?"
do_en_reco, b, h, y,,, "Do energy reconstruction?"
do_dir_reco,b, h, n,,, "Do arrival direction reconstruction?"
# is_test, b, h, y,,, "Is it a test to check performances? If yes, gammas and protons dir will be appended to input_dir"
# use_caldb, b, h, no,,,"Use CALDB for retrieving LUT"
is_mc, b, h, y,,, "Is it a Montecarlo file? If yes, copy SIM_EVTS and TELCONF extensions"
gh_model_file, s, a, "gh_rf.model.pkl",,,"Name of g/h RF model to be read"
en_model_file, s, a, "en_rf.model.pkl",,,"Name of Energy reconstruction RF model to be read"
dir_model_file, s, a, "dir_rf.model.pkl",,,"Name of Direction reconstruction RF model to be read"
force_cuts,b,h,y,,, "Use same filter as the model (not implemented)"
# Head tail discriminator parameter
head_tail,s , h, "ASYM",ASYM|M3LONG,,"Head tail discriminator"
logtype, s,h,"cout",,,"Type of logging (garbage cout cerr file db socket)"
logfile, s,h,"",,,"Name of the log file (DEFAULT for default name)"
chatter, i, h, 4,0,4,"Output verbosity"
color, b,h,n, , , "Enable colored output"
clobber, b, h, yes, , , "Overwrite existing output files"
mode, s, h, "ql", , , "Mode of automatic parameters"
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