Version 2.6.7

@ThomasAdam ThomasAdam released this Nov 7, 2016 · 23 commits to master since this release

Changes in stable release 2.6.7 (06-Nov-2016)

  • New fvwm features:
    • A new default configuration which is available when fvwm
      doesn't detect a configuration file to load.
    • A new conditional command "Desk n" can restrict matching
      windows to a specific desk.
    • A new conditional command "Screen n" to restrict matching
      windows on a given Xinerama screen.
    • New expansion variable "w.screen" to ascertain the Xineram
      screen number a window is on.
    • New command "InfoStoreClear" to remove all items in the
  • Removed features:
    • The old and unmaintained debian/ and rpm/ directories have
      been removed; use the maintainers' copies where available.
    • VMS support has been removed.
    • GTK1.x support has been removed.
    • GNOME-specific window hints (pre-EWMH) have been removed.
    • Some fvwm modules have been removed:
      • FvwmDragWell (no replacement)
      • FvwmGTK (no replacement)
      • FvwmSave (no replacement)
      • FvwmSaveDesk (no replacement)
      • FvwmScroll (no replacement)
      • FvwmTabs (no replacement, never worked anyway)
      • FvwmTaskBar (use FvwmButtons)
      • FvwmTheme (in core of fvwm as colorsets)
      • FvwmWharf (use FvwmButtons)
      • FvwmWinList (use WindowList command)
      • FvwmWindowMenu (use WindowList command)
      • FvwmIconBox (use the IconBox style instead)
  • New module features:
    • FvwmButtons learned a new option "Colorset" to its
      ChangeButton command.
  • fvwm-menu-desktop updated:
    • Renamed default menu to XDGMenu and changed the name
      of the FvwmForm to FvwmForm-XDGMenu-Config to not conflict
      with someone already using FvwmMenu.
    • fvwm-menu-desktop will now load defaults from the
      FvwmForm-XDGMenu-Config data file.
    • Improved dynamic menus by regenerating them on-the-fly.
    • Added new options: --regen-cmd, --dynamic, and more.
  • Bug fixes:
    • A bug introduced in 2.6.6 could cause applications with
      negative coordinates to be placed at strange positions. This
      affected for example acroread when switching to fullscreen
      mode. This has been fixed.
    • FvwmButtons "Silent" option for dynamic ChangeButton commands
      no longer loops infinitely.