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FVWM version 3 -- the successor to fvwm2
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Welcome to fvwm. Fvwm is a multiple large virtual desktop window manager, originally (a looooong time ago!) derived from twm.

Fvwm is intended to have a small memory footprint but a rich feature set, be extremely customizable and extendible, and have a high degree of Motif mwm compatibility.


  • None. fvwm3 is in development still. The master branch contains what could be considered "stable" for now, but even then there are no guarantees of stability.

The successor to fvwm2.


See the installation instructions


Those interested in contributing to FVWM should have a read of the developer documentation.

Comments, Questions?

There is the #fvwm IRC channel on which you can use to chat to people about FVWM3.

If you have any questions, concerns, bug reports, enhancement requests, etc., please feel free to send an email to the fvwm mailing list, or open a Github issue. It would help if FVWM3 specific questions had fvwm3 in the subject of the email or issue.

Have fun!

-- The fvwm-workers

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