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multithreaded perl script to enumerate DNS information of a domain and to discover non-contiguous ip blocks.


1) Get the host's addresse (A record).

2) Get the namservers (threaded).

3) Get the MX record (threaded).

4) Perform axfr queries on nameservers and get BIND VERSION (threaded).

5) Get extra names and subdomains via google scraping
   (google query = "allinurl: -www site:domain").

6) Brute force subdomains from file, can also perform recursion
   on subdomain that have NS records (all threaded).

7) Calculate C class domain network ranges and perform whois
   queries on them (threaded).

8) Perform reverse lookups on netranges
   ( C class or/and whois netranges) (threaded).

9) Write to domain_ips.txt file ip-blocks.

Changelog from version 1.2.2

  • Fixed GoogleScraping
  • Fixed wildcard issues
  • Changed output function to get rid of errors with new Net::DNS version
  • A bit of cleanup here and there
  • Removed Bind Version detection


Modules that are included in perl 5.10.0: Getopt::Long IO::File Thread::Queue

Other Necessary modules: Must have: Net::IP Net::DNS Net::Netmask Optional: Net::Whois::IP HTML::Parser WWW::Mechanize XML::Writer

To install a module, simply run (as root):

perl -MCPAN -e shell

and then type: install eg: cpan[1]> install XML::Writer

Perl ithreads support: perl version must be compliled with ithreads support. threads threads::shared

OPTIONS: run "perldoc".

Special thanks to all Perl developers.

Filip Waeytens <filip.waeytens[at]> tix tixxDZ <tixxdz[at]>