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Describes how to build and run the language server and the editor extensions.


  • Java 11+ should be installed and located under JAVA_HOME or PATH.
  • Note that you might need to use gradlew instead of ./gradlew for the commands on Windows.

Language Server


If you just want to build the language server and use its binaries in your client of choice, run:

./gradlew :server:installDist

The language server executable is now located under server/build/install/server/bin/kotlin-language-server. (Depending on your language client, you might want to add it to your PATH)

Note that there are external dependent libraries, so if you want to put the server somewhere else, you have to move the entire install-directory.


To create a ZIP-archive of the language server, run:

./gradlew :server:distZip



To create a ZIP-archive of the grammars, run:

./gradlew :grammars:distZip

Gradle Tasks

This paragraph assumes that you are familiar with Gradle's task system. In short: Every task describes an atomic piece of work and may depend on other tasks. Task dependencies will automatically be executed. The following subsections describe the available tasks for each module of this project.

Language Server (:server)

Task Command Description
Package ./gradlew :server:installDist Packages the language server as a bundle of JAR files (e.g. for use with an editor extension)
Package for Debugging ./gradlew :server:installDebugDist Packages the language server with a debug launch configuration
Test ./gradlew :server:test Executes all unit tests
Run ./gradlew :server:run Runs the standalone language server from the command line
Debug ./gradlew :server:debugRun Launches the standalone language server from the command line using a debug configuration
Build ./gradlew :server:build Builds, tests and packages the language server
Package for Release ./gradlew :server:distZip Creates a release zip in server/build/distributions. If any dependencies have changed since the last release, a new license report should be generated and placed in src/main/dist before creating the distribution.
Generate License Report ./gradlew :server:licenseReport Generates a license report from the dependencies in server/build/reports/licenses

Grammars (:grammars)

Task Command Description
Package for Release ./gradlew :grammars:distZip Creates a zip of the grammars in grammars/build/distributions