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Docpad Skeleton for Open Device Labs

Want to start a local Open Device Lab? Need a simple one-page website without spending to much time developing it? Try the docpad.odl skeleton. Enter your texts, a list of devices and some data about your site, and you're good to go!

You can have a look at how the skeleton will look here.

Getting Started

  1. Install Docpad

  2. Clone the odl.docpad repository

     git clone git://
  3. Install the dependencies

     cd odl.docpad
     npm install
  4. To make docpad generate your site and refresh it when files are changed, type

    docpad run
  5. Take a look at your fresh website at http://localhost:9778

  6. Customize to your liking! For details see the customization section below.

For example usage of the skeleton, check out the ODL Hamburg site. For hints regarding docpad, have a look at the Docpad Documentation.




There is a twitter timeline included. Just create a widget at Twitter and insert the Widget id in the twitterWidgetId value in


Here you can enter some general information about your identity (e.g. facebook, twitter, email) which will be used for links, widgets and information on the page.


Create a separate document in documents/ for every language you want to support. Name your default file index.html. For every document, fill out the languageName value for the document itself and the languageName and file values in the i18n list for the other documents. Your language options will automagically appear in the upper right corner of the documents.


Github Pages

Deployment to github pages is very simple. With the skeleton comes a shell script that automates the process of pushing the contents of the out/ folder to the gh-pages branch for you. Just run (in the root folder of your project):


Note: For that script to work, you must have specified a remote named origin that points to your github repository. Also, if you have development plugins like the livereload-plugin installed, you may want to run docpad generate --env static instead of docpad run which will generate static files in out/ without the livereload scripts.

Any other server

To generate files for a webserver, use

docpad generate --env static

This will render your website into out/ and make sure the files are compatible to a static environment like an apache server.