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import pickle
import gearman
from django.conf import settings
class PickleDataEncoder(gearman.DataEncoder):
def encode(cls, encodable_object):
return pickle.dumps(encodable_object)
def decode(cls, decodable_string):
return pickle.loads(decodable_string)
class DjangoGearmanClient(gearman.GearmanClient):
"""Gearman client, automatically connecting to server."""
data_encoder = PickleDataEncoder
def __call__(self, func, arg, uniq=None, **kwargs):
raise NotImplementedError('Use do_task() or dispatch_background'
'_task() instead')
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
"""instantiate Gearman client with servers from settings file"""
return super(DjangoGearmanClient, self).__init__(
settings.GEARMAN_SERVERS, **kwargs)
def parse_data(self, arg, args=None, kwargs=None, *arguments, **karguments):
data = {
"args": [],
"kwargs": {}
# The order is significant:
# - First, use pythonic *args and/or **kwargs.
# - If someone provided explicit declaration of args/kwargs, use those
# instead.
if arg:
data["args"] = [arg]
elif arguments:
data["args"] = arguments
elif args:
data["args"] = args
return data
def submit_job(
self, task, orig_data = None, unique=None, priority=None,
background=False, wait_until_complete=True, max_retries=0,
poll_timeout=None, args=None, kwargs=None, *arguments, **karguments):
Handle *args and **kwargs before passing it on to GearmanClient's
submit_job function.
data = self.parse_data(orig_data, args, kwargs, *arguments, **karguments)
return super(DjangoGearmanClient, self).submit_job(
task, data, unique, priority, background, wait_until_complete,
max_retries, poll_timeout)
def dispatch_background_task(
self, func, arg = None, uniq=None, high_priority=False, args=None,
kwargs=None, *arguments, **karguments):
"""Submit a background task and return its handle."""
priority = None
if high_priority:
priority = gearman.PRIORITY_HIGH
request = self.submit_job(func, arg, unique=uniq,
wait_until_complete=False, priority=priority, args=args,
kwargs=kwargs, *arguments, **karguments)
return request
class DjangoGearmanWorker(gearman.GearmanWorker):
Gearman worker, automatically connecting to server and discovering
available jobs.
data_encoder = PickleDataEncoder
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
"""Instantiate Gearman worker with servers from settings file."""
return super(DjangoGearmanWorker, self).__init__(
settings.GEARMAN_SERVERS, **kwargs)
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