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VERSION = (0, 4)
__version__ = '.'.join(map(str, VERSION))
def get_dynamic_hasher_names(HMAC_KEYS):
Return base dynamic hasher names for each entry in HMAC_KEYS (we need to
create one hasher class for each key). Names are sorted to make sure
the HMAC_KEYS are tested in the correct order and the first one is always
the first hasher name returned.
algo_name = lambda hmac_id: 'bcrypt{0}'.format(hmac_id.replace('-', '_'))
return [algo_name(key) for key in sorted(HMAC_KEYS.keys(), reverse=True)]
def get_password_hashers(BASE_PASSWORD_HASHERS, HMAC_KEYS):
Return the names of the dynamic and regular hashers
created in our hashers file.
# Where is the bcrypt hashers file located?
hashers_base = 'django_sha2.hashers.{0}'
dynamic_hasher_names = get_dynamic_hasher_names(HMAC_KEYS)
dynamic_hashers = [hashers_base.format(k) for k in dynamic_hasher_names]
return dynamic_hashers + list(BASE_PASSWORD_HASHERS)
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