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"""bcrypt and hmac implementation for Django."""
import base64
import hashlib
import logging
import bcrypt
import hmac
from django.conf import settings
from django.contrib.auth.models import get_hexdigest
from django.utils.encoding import smart_str
log = logging.getLogger('django_sha2')
def create_hash(userpwd):
"""Given a password, create a key to be stored in the DB."""
if not settings.HMAC_KEYS:
raise ImportError('settings.HMAC_KEYS must not be empty. Read the '
'django_sha2 docs!')
latest_key_id = max(settings.HMAC_KEYS.keys())
shared_key = settings.HMAC_KEYS[latest_key_id]
return ''.join((
'bcrypt', _bcrypt_create(_hmac_create(userpwd, shared_key)),
'$', latest_key_id))
def check_password(user, raw_password):
"""Given a DB entry and a raw password, check its validity."""
# Check if the user's password is a "hardened hash".
if user.password.startswith('hh$'):
alg, salt, bc_pwd = user.password.split('$', 3)[1:]
hash = get_hexdigest(alg, salt, raw_password)
algo_and_hash, key_ver = bc_pwd.rsplit('$', 1)
shared_key = settings.HMAC_KEYS[key_ver]
except KeyError:'Invalid shared key version "{0}"'.format(key_ver))
return False
bc_value = algo_and_hash[6:]
hmac_value = _hmac_create('$'.join([alg, salt, hash]), shared_key)
if _bcrypt_verify(hmac_value, bc_value):
# Password is a match, convert to bcrypt format.
return True
return False
# Normal bcrypt password checking.
algo_and_hash, key_ver = user.password.rsplit('$', 1)
shared_key = settings.HMAC_KEYS[key_ver]
except KeyError:'Invalid shared key version "{0}"'.format(key_ver))
return False
bc_value = algo_and_hash[algo_and_hash.find('$'):] # Yes, bcrypt <3s the leading $.
hmac_value = _hmac_create(raw_password, shared_key)
matched = _bcrypt_verify(hmac_value, bc_value)
# Update password hash if HMAC key has since changed.
if matched and getattr(settings, 'PWD_HMAC_REKEY', True):
latest_key_id = max(settings.HMAC_KEYS.keys())
if key_ver != latest_key_id:
return matched
def _hmac_create(userpwd, shared_key):
"""Create HMAC value based on pwd and system-local and per-user salt."""
hmac_value = base64.b64encode(
smart_str(shared_key), smart_str(userpwd), hashlib.sha512).digest())
return hmac_value
def _bcrypt_create(hmac_value):
"""Create bcrypt hash."""
rounds = getattr(settings, 'BCRYPT_ROUNDS', 12)
# No need for us to create a user salt, bcrypt creates its own.
bcrypt_value = bcrypt.hashpw(hmac_value, bcrypt.gensalt(int(rounds)))
return bcrypt_value
def _bcrypt_verify(hmac_value, bcrypt_value):
"""Verify an hmac hash against a bcrypt value."""
return bcrypt.hashpw(hmac_value, bcrypt_value) == bcrypt_value