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Adds a menu item to Firefox's right-click menu to open a link in private browsing mode.
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Open in Private Browsing Mode

Imagine you come across a link online that you'd like to look at, but would rather do so in Private Browsing mode?

This add-on will add an option to Firefox's right-click menu. Just right-click on a link and select "Open in Private Browsing mode", and Firefox will switch to Private Browsing and automatically open the link you selected.

What is this useful for?

  • You click around Amazon, and suddenly you see an item that you think would make a great gift for your partner, who uses the same computer.
  • You encounter an ad for a really silly item that you really want to check out but are too embarrassed to admit.
  • Your detour through the depths of Wikipedia gets so absurd that you'd rather not have those pages show up in your browsing history.
  • etc. etc.


I hope you find the add-on useful! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send me a message on github or open an "Issue" there.

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