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from urllib import urlencode
from jingo import register
import jinja2
from product_details.version_compare import Version
import input
from input.urlresolvers import reverse
from search.forms import ReporterSearchForm
def search_url(context, defaults=None, extra=None, feed=False, **kwargs):
"""Build a search URL with default values unless specified otherwise."""
if feed:
search = reverse('search.feed')
search = reverse('search')
if not defaults:
defaults = {}
data = []
# fallbacks other than None
fallbacks = {'version': '--'}
if not 'product' in defaults and not 'product' in kwargs:
prod = context['request'].default_prod
fallbacks['product'] = prod.short
fallbacks['version'] = (getattr(prod, 'default_version', None) or
# get field data from keyword args or defaults
for field in ReporterSearchForm.base_fields:
val = kwargs.get(field, defaults.get(
field, fallbacks.get(field, None)))
if val:
data.append((field, unicode(val).encode('utf-8')))
# append extra fields
if extra:
data = dict(data)
return u'%s?%s' % (search, urlencode(data))
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